We bridge the digital divide between the public and government data, tapping the potential of open data to help you cope, communicate, collaborate, and grow.

We empower you with insight.

Why: The Value of Smart Cities

Vizalytics Technology ingests, analyzes, and creates insights from open data to provide customized, real- time, actionable intelligence for local businesses, residents, municipalities, and government agencies. Why? Because governments create data but struggle to make sense of it for their own purposes and distribute it to the public. Businesses and neighborhood residents struggle to access it and find insights to help move their operations, communities, and lives forward. Vizalytics enables smart cities by unlocking the potential of open data, connecting the governments that create it to the citizens and businesses who need it.

How: Our Open Data Vision

“Open data” means traffic and transit information, health department activity, police statistics, events, construction schedules, 311 conversations, and more. Our vision? Abstract those disparate data voices into a single source of interconnected insight. We receive a continuous stream of information from dozens of city, state, and federal data sets to create the patent-pending, cloud-based, multidimensional Vizalytics Knowledge Graph. We unlock the value of this vast and growing store of open data by applying customized analytical lenses to the Knowledge Graph, feeding insights to our users in real time in the form of notifications, alerts, analysis, visualizations, and maps.

Our Products

Local Insight for Governments and Public Organizations

Local Insight is an enterprise-level dashboard that aggregates information from multiple sources of governmental and public data, generating custom insights for each user. Geared to governments, institutions, and enterprises, the Local Insight Dashboard produces a multi-layered view of conditions, events, and changes within a specified geography. Local Insight helps governments pull siloed data sets together, multiplying the value of the data for internal use while opening new opportunities to connect with their constituencies. Institutions and enterprises can tap open data relevant to their operations with real time views of the areas where they operate.

A Local Insight Dashboard for a popular chain restaurant with personalized maps, charts and insights that are relevant to every franchise within the chain's network.

A view for a local government which aggregates all business activity across an entire neighborhood within their district.


Open government data can make a tremendous difference in the lives of city residents and businesses – if only they can find it. Vizalytics partnered with the New York City Mayor's office of Technology and Innovation to build neighborhoods.nyc, a website that draws from the Knowledge Graph to provide traffic, transit, quality of life, health, inspection, event, and other information about each of the more than 400 neighborhoods in the city’s five boroughs. The site is both a resource for residents and a catalyst for community organizing and change.

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Neighborhoods.nyc is a private/public partnership with the Mayor's Office of Tech + Innovation 

Mind My Business™ for Small Businesses

Mind My Business™ is a mobile app for shopkeepers. We collect information from a range of government and public data sources and feed it to our users via customized real-time alerts about construction, traffic, regulatory issues, health and safety concerns, fines, events, and 311 information. The app helps shopkeepers make more informed decisions, creating opportunities and saving them time and money. Mind My Business™ is available in free and “Pro” premium versions and already has more than 2,000 business subscribers in New York City. The free version of the app recently launched in Chicago, where the Pro version will be launched later in 2016. The app will be available next in Seattle and San Francisco.

Mind My Business™ won Best Mobile App at BigApps NYC 2014.

February 2016
San Francisco
February 2016
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About Vizalytics Technology

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy crippled communities and affected nearly 100,000 small businesses across New York City. We immediately saw a need to make critical city-wide information easier to access and understand, and decided to do something about it. We wanted to build a data ecosystem that puts the most relevant and actionable information in the palms of our users' hands in real time, which led to Mind My Business™ for shopkeepers. The Local Insight dashboards for governments and enterprises followed, along with the neighborhoods.nyc website for communities throughout the city.

Meet our Team


Aileen Gemma Smith

Aileen is a content specialist whose entire career has focused on breaking down silos of information and communication.


Chris Smith

Chris is an expert in semantic web technologies, search and enterprise scale architecture. He has more than 25 years experience and has been leading technology at startups since the late '90s.


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